Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Water Damaged Store

Loss of Power Causes a Disaster The last storm caused a power outage and this grocery store. The meat had thawed out causing a big mess that needed some profess... READ MORE

Cleaning Up Water In Commercial Facility

Broken Pipe in Conference Hall The conference hall had a lot of standing water after the pipe had broken and flooded. Standing water will only get worse the lon... READ MORE

Large Water Loss In Commercial Facility

This conference hall was ready for a big Christmas dinner and then a pipe broke and flooded the building. It wasn't until less than a week before the event that... READ MORE

Large Loss Procedures

When The Flooding Is Too Big This facility had a large water loss inside which needed a few 30 thousand square feet of cleaning. The flooding had gone throughou... READ MORE

Metal Building Damaged by Tree

Tree Fell on Metal Warehouse A microburst wind storm caused a large tree to fall on this building. To make matters worse the gap allowed wind to get underneath ... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Church

A fire had started in this church in Johnson City, TN causing much of it to need to be cleaned. Ceiling Damage Cleanup The ceiling was blackened by the smoke. R... READ MORE