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Water Cleanup In Progress

Large Sized Water Damage This commercial facility was flooded by a broken pipe. Thank goodness it was a clean water source or else they're would've had to been ... READ MORE

Cleaning Up Water Loss In Church

Pipe Break in Johnson City, TN Church When there is a problem with pipes it can cause a lot of damage. The damage in this church could have been a lot worse had... READ MORE

Flooding in Austin Springs, TN

This facility had been flooded after heavy rains and stormy weather. Imagine coming to work and seeing this mess in your building. Flood Cleanup in Commercial F... READ MORE

Water Damaged Store

Loss of Power Causes a Disaster The last storm caused a power outage and this grocery store. The meat had thawed out causing a big mess that needed some profess... READ MORE

Water Damaged School

Cleanup in Local School This school had been damaged because of flooding from outside water. Dirt had been left throughout the entire school and the humidity wa... READ MORE

Green Equipment at a School

This school had been flooded by outside water that left dirt and contamination everywhere. On most flooded buildings there is a lot of demolition that has to be... READ MORE

Storm Water Damage in Small Business

The flooding in TN created a big mess for this small business owner. It was a good thing they had a great insurance plan for just these problems. The water had ... READ MORE

How to deal with a flooded business?

Steps to Recovery After Flooding When your business floods there are some important steps to take to get your business back into shape quickly. Call a mitigatio... READ MORE

Tile and Concrete Flooring

What floors can be saved after a storm damage? After a flood there are a lot of materials that need to be removed in a building or home. The main items removed ... READ MORE

What To Do With Flooding in Your Home

This beautiful home had been flooded. When the rain finally stopped and the water receded it left the home ruined. The flood cleanup process for a home is simil... READ MORE